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OPENPlant Control®

OPENPlant Control® is an automation solution designed for the mining and mineral processing industry and has become a standard for many producers throughout the U.S. OPENPlant Control® uses standard "off-the-shelf" hardware and software to create a customizable automation and data management system.

OPENPlant Control® has the tools for production management and continuous improvement:

  • Monitor Plant Efficiency
  • Real-Time Production Data
  • Track and Analyze Plant Downtime
  • Monitor Equipment Runtimes
  • Web Based Reporting

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Option

The KPI option for OPENPlant Control® provides a real-time overview of the most critical indicators for monitoring plant efficiency. Real-time dashboard showing plant downtime, product quality, production rates and product mix.

Five years ago our company decided to build a green field rock plant in Fort Myers, Florida. We wanted it to have the latest technology and automation systems to ensure high quality products for our customers and minimize the labor cost to operate the facility. We traveled the Eastern United States and visited over 30 quarries that had been automated by 5 or 6 different automation integrators before selecting ESP to provide their Open Plant Control solution for our operation. Our selection was based not just on features and price but more importantly on value. ESP had a proven solution that they customized for our unique plant. They did not have to re-invent the wheel for our mine but rather took the field tested Open Plant Control software and made a few modifications to fit our plant. Our expectations for the automation system have been exceeded in every area. One of the greatest values that ESP delivered to the project was their ability to dial into our system via a secure internet connection and make small changes as our processes evolved over the life of the mine. This saved the time and travel expense of their engineers from Atlanta to Fort Myers and provided support services instantly.

ESP's work ethic and honest business dealings made them the only choice for an automation project when we started a new all electric drilling rig, a project they are currently helping us with. I would recommend ESP to anyone for any automation project. They are our first and only choice now.


Edward X Callahan
Engineering Manager
Youngquist Brothers, Inc.
Fort Myers, Florida

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