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Coordinated Drives Application Note

Application Overview

Engineered Software Products designed and installed a control system for two non-woven web handling lines for a major textile manufacturer. The first extrusion/web-handling line produces an intermediate product. The second line produces another intermediate product, which is laminated to the sheet from the first line to produce a finished product. Control of a central resin storage and delivery system was also included. Each line is equipped with two extruders, which feed a blown-film die and bubble folder. The lines include a series of slitting, stretching, laminating, and annealing processes.

Eurotherm Link DC Drive

Application Highlights

  • Coordinated drive system implementation using Eurotherm Link DC drives. The Link system utilizes fiber optic communications among the drives and I/O modules to satisfy high speed control requirements. The intermediate product line has 18 DC drives, and the finished product line has 23 DC drives and 2 AC vector drives. A wide variety of control strategies are employed, from simple draw ratio control through complex tension control on the center-wound turret unwind stand. ESP provided all drive configuration software, as well as drive cabinet design for the finished product line.
  • Auxiliary system control in Allen-Bradley SLC 5/04 PLCs. The PLCs perform discrete and sequencing logic, as well as miscellaneous temperature and pressure control. The PLC systems include an extensive network of remote I/O nodes including conventional rack I/O, block I/O, Panelview operator terminals, and Allen-Bradley 1305 VFDs.
  • Extruder temperature control using the Eurotherm EM-2 temperature control system. This system was designed and implemented by the customer due to similarity to other previously installed systems.
  • Dedicated Ethernet LANs for operator interface PCs. The graphical operator interface was developed by ESP using Wonderware's InTouch man-machine interface (MMI) software. The Eurotherm Link drive and EM-2 temperature control systems, and Allen-Bradley PLC systems were all fully integrated with the Wonderware operator interface.
  • Redundant DDE I/O servers. Client MMI stations automatically switchover to the backup I/O server in the event of a failure on the primary.

Application System Architecture

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