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  • Vapor Recovery System

    The Environmental Protection Agency mandated that all oil refinery marine holding terminals eliminate the release of hydrocarbon vapor into the environment during shiploading operations.

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  • Aluminum Facility Anode Plant Upgrade

    An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the aluminum industry subcontracted Engineered Software Products to assist in the retrofitting of a control system for a green carbon anode plant upgrade and expansion project.

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  • Polycarbonate Extrusion

    Engineered Software Products upgraded the Extrusion Control and Monitoring System for a major producer of raw polycarbonate pellets (plastic). An outdated distributed control system (DCS) that controlled eleven extrusion lines was replaced by a distributed PLC/PC based man-machine interface (MMI) control system. Each extrusion line was fitted with a local PLC and MMI PC that were networked (Ethernet LAN) to plant operations and engineering entities throughout the plant.

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  • Boiler Flame Safety

    Engineered Software Products designed and commissioned a programmable logic controller (PLC) Flame Safety System and Emergency Shutdown Protection System for a Black Liquor Recovery Boiler and a Multi-Fuel Power Boiler.

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  • Stacker/Reclaimer Wireless Ethernet

    Engineered Software Products upgraded the woodyard programmable logic controller (PLC) systems for a pulp mill. The system consisted of a material handling PLC, two chip stacker PLCs, each located onboard a respective stacker, and two chip reclaimer PLCs, each located onboard a respective reclaimer. The obsolete PLCs that controlled the process were replaced by Allen Bradley ControlLogix-series PLCs.

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  • Coordinated Drive System

    Engineered Software Products designed and installed a control system for two non-woven web handling lines for a major textile manufacturer. The first extrusion/web-handling line produces an intermediate product. The second line produces another intermediate product, which is laminated to the sheet from the first line to produce a finished product. Control of a central resin storage and delivery system was also included. Each line is equipped with two extruders, which feed a blown-film die and bubble folder. The lines include a series of slitting, stretching, laminating, and annealing processes.

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  • Reversible Lane and Control System

    Engineered Software Products has recently implemented a control system for the Kennedy Expressway Reversible Lane and Control (REVLAC) project for the Illinois Department of Transportation. Located on a major interstate highway in downtown Chicago, REVLAC is a system of gated reversible lanes enabling full traffic reversal in less than 30 minutes.

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  • Deep Injection Well Drilling

    Deep injection wells are used for the disposal of treated effluent from large volume sewer treatment plants. In South Florida, there exists a geological formation named the Boulder Zone that begins at around 1,000 meters deep. This formation is a “swiss cheese” zone in which large volumes of water can be pumped into with minimal pressure.

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