Engineered Automation & Power Solutions

Mining and Mineral Processing

ESP a leading provider of Engineered Automaton and Power Solutions design for the mining and mineral processing industry. Working in the industry since 1989 ESP has developed a unique application suite that enables plant owners and managers to maximize their plant's performance potential. ESP has built a team of dedicated engineers to support their more than 200 applications throughout the U.S. All of ESP's engineers are MSHA certified and experienced field engineers.

  • material handling
  • crusher optimization
  • grinding and finishing mills
  • wet plant
  • dryers and kilns
  • screening
  • fines recovery
  • blending
  • truck and rail loadout

We have developed a suite of products that utilize standard "off-the-shelf" hardware and software that are customizable and maintainable by our clients:

ESP has delivered exceptional service and professional advice to my company since 1993. You might say that ESP is synonymous with Exceptional Service Provider.

Scott Sollenberger

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